siamese kittens siamese cats and kittens for sale
siamese cats and kittens for sale


siamese kittens
siamese cats and kittens for sale

Welcome to PURMISQUS
My name is Mandy and I breed traditional, classic and modern Siamese cats.

I have been breeding pedigree Siamese kittens for over five years and all my kittens are brought up in the home and are used to children and dogs. I am registered with the Siamese cat club and am a member of the governing cat council. When you buy one of my Siamese kittens a pedigree certificate is issued to you along with full vaccination ( including leukemia ) certificates, I also include six weeks kitten insurance.

All my kittens are bred "in house" so I can monitor their performance and adjust them to home / family life. I breed happy, healthy and well adjusted kittens.

I nearly always have kittens waiting for adoption into permanent, loving homes. Colors normally available are chocolate, blue, lilac and seal. Occasionally I also have torties and reds.

I have two stud cats, one chocolate and one blue ( my blue has just won his first Challenge Certificate, July 2003 ). They are both available to limited and tested queens. My stud cats have certificates of entirety and are tested for FELV and FIV.

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siamese cats and kittens for sale